Fire is one of the four classical elements, being the most active of the four.

Influence Edit

Fire has been used throughout human history to keep mankind warm and keep predators at bay. It is unknown when human kind first made fire, but it has ever since played a central role in our survival.


Correspondences Edit

Stones[1] Banded Agate Obsidian
Black Agate Onyx
Brown Agate Rhodocrosite
Red Agate Ruby
Apache Tear Sard
Bloodstone Sardonyx
Carnelian Serpintine
Citrine Sunstone
Diamond Tiger's Eye
Garnet Topaz
Hematite Red Tourmaline
Red Jasper Zircon

Notes Edit

References Edit

  1. Cunningham, Scott. Cunninghams encyclopedia of crystal, gem & metal magic. St. Paul, MN, U.S.A.: Llewellyn Publications, 2004. Print.

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