Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, associated with good fortune, luck, and growth.



Dignities and Debilities[1]
Ruling Sign Sagittarius (day)  Pisces (night) Terms Aries 1°-6°
Detriment Sign Gemini (day) Virgo (night) Taurus 16°-22°
Exalted Sign Cancer 15° Gemini 8°-14°
Fall Sign Capricorn 15° Cancer 7°-13°


Fire (night) Leo 20°-25°
Faces Gemini 1°-10° Virgo 14°-18°
Leo 11°-20° Libra 12°-19°
Libra 21°-30° Scorpio 7°-14°
Capricorn 1°-10° Sagittarius 1°-8°
Pisces 11°-20° Capricorn 13°-19°
Aquarius 21°-25°
Pisces 9°-14°
Stones[2] Amethyst

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References Edit

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