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Magick and Religion: My Preference

Magic or Magick are simply words or terms which describe the action of energy around and through us. It exists as natural 'Physics' and the Paranormal (still natural) and the Supernatural 'Metaphysics'. Action and Reaction are both Physical and Metaphysical Laws. They apply to all religions or no religion at all. The complete Atheist is still subject to Physical and Metaphysical Laws.

I PREFER to deal with this subject apart from any Religious connection, although some religions embrace magic as part of their belief. I try to not use terms or words that seem to connect with any belief system. For example 'witch' or 'witchcraft' usually infers a connection with 'Wicca' which is a belief system, tho it is not necessarily the intent.

I am convinced that some things we presently call 'magic' are actually 'as yet undiscovered physics'. Remember Gravity, Fire, lenses and most medicine was once considered to be magic.

Don't be afraid to try and develop your natural Psychic Abilities to gain Heightened Perception, Heightened Discernment and Heightened Insight. See my post about this topic under Beginning Magic.

Good Luck! Have Fun!

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