The full moon.

The moon (or Luna) is one of the most popularly used objects in the solar system in regards to magick. Most often, the phase of the moon is used for different desired outcomes.

Influence Edit

The phases of the moon have caused the moon to be a more accurate timepiece for ancient civilizations. When the months of the year were first conceived it was based on the waxing and waning of the moon.

Occult Edit

Correspondences Edit

Stones[1] Aquamarine

Cycle Edit

Main article: Lunar Cycle

Religious Beliefs Edit

Egyptian Polytheism Edit

The god Khonsu is the Egyptian god of the moon, healing, and time.

Wicca Edit

In Wiccan beliefs, the moon represents the goddess. This goddess is represented in three forms, each corresponding with one of the moon phases.


Notes Edit

References Edit

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