A spell is a spoken or written formula that when used in an act of magick is intended to cause or influence a particular course of events. It usually involves the visualization of a goal, a statement of desire for the goal, and ritualized movements of body positions (e.g., the bowing of the head, the clasping of the hands, the closing of the eyes etc).

Spells are closely related to various methods of mind power which emphasize our mental images of the goal and our identification with it, repetition of our intent to achieve this goal, projection of our will, and a petition to the spirits, deities, or the divine force for their aid.

Types of Spells Edit

Spells come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

  • Curses
  • Glamour Spells
  • Healing Spells
  • Protection Spells

Ritual Spells Edit

Generally, a major act of magick requires some form of ritual. Many spells of this type are performed inside a magickally constructed circle. The spell can consist of words or incantations (sometimes called a charm or rune); the ritual is a set of actions performed while the words are being spoken.

A spell-casting ritual raises power and energy through a combination of visualization, meditation, identification, body movement, projection of will, and many other things. The success of a spell rests on the energy and will power raised, together with the skill in which they are focused and projected. Words, chants, songs, and movements, objects such as ritual tools, effigies, poppets, cords, and candles, as well as materials such as parchment, herbs, oils and others, all facilitate spell casting.