The color white is one of the most used colors in all religious and occult practices. This color is an achromatic color, meaning it is seen as having no real color to it. This has led to it being seen as a color of purity.

Influence Edit

All Purpose Edit

White is considered to be an all purpose color. Being the combination of all other colors we can see, the color white is seen as one that can replace any other.

Purity Edit

Often considered to be a clean color, white is used in a multitude of cultures to symbolize purity and innocence.

Sterile Edit

White can at times be negatively viewed as being sterile and uninviting. Pure white rooms are seen as being cold and unfriendly.

Mourning Edit

Throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, white was viewed as the color of mourning. Widows traditionally wore white during mourning until the 16th century. In some Asian countries, including China and Korea, this color is still the case.

Religious Beliefs Edit

Egyptian Polytheism Edit

Like many other cultures, the ancient Egyptians viewed white as a color of purity. Priests would wear this color in rituals and have ceremonial tools made with white coloration. In some cases, it was also considered to be the opposite of the color red.

Greek Polytheism Edit

Christianity Edit

In Christian religion, white is associated with the purity of Jesus and became the official color of the Pope.

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